SOAP Journal – 28 June 2017 (Joshua 9:14-15)

So the men [of Israel] took some of their provisions, and did not ask for the counsel of the LORD. Joshua made peace with them and made a covenant with them, to let them live; and the leaders of the congregation swore [an oath] to them.

Joshua 9:14-15

While the rest of the peoples living in the Promised Land are getting together to make a combined stand against the Israelites, the Gibeonites concoct a ruse. They get together some supplies, provisions, and travel clothes that look old and worn out and go to see the leadership of the Israelites, saying that they came from a distant country. The leadership, Joshua included, takes the Gibeonites at their word and makes a covenant with them which is where I find myself this morning.

The thrust of these verses is twofold.

First, there will be people who seek to deceive believers when they hear about God doing something powerful in our midst. If they hear about God doing miracles, they will come into our midst and seek to discredit those miracles or explain them away.  If they hear about God delivering people from various types of bondage — to drugs or alcohol or any other addiction, for example — they will sidle up beside us and act like they are all about it while secretly looking for any other plausible explanation than God simply delivering people. The Gibeonites had heard about what God was up to and they were trying to weasel their way around it. And they did.

Second, there is always a need for God’s counsel. It may not seem like I need to talk with God about what is happening. Everything may look like His hand has ordained it. And it very well may be that God has opened the way before me, but I cannot be sure of that unless I ask God. My enemy is crafty and knows that the very best way to trip me up is to make it look like the way that he wants me to go is the way that God wants me to go. And sometimes the only way to tell the difference is to ask God which way to go. If I make it a habit to inquire of God every time there is a decision to be made, then it becomes second nature and the odds of making the right choice improve.

Father, thank You that You are willing and ready to weight in on any and all decisions in my life. Please work in me to make it my first impulse to seek Your counsel.


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