SOAP Journal – 01 April 2019 (Psalm 16)

You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

Psalm 16:11

This psalm opens with David saying to God that he (David) has made the LORD his (David’s) Lord and Master. He goes on to say that those who have chosen to submit to God are his delight while those who worship other gods will have increasing sorrows. And there is much truth in this. The people I know who have a life that evidences God’s power at work are generally the most contented people I know. They are a delight to be around. In contrast, those who pursue other things often have empty lives. It is not that they lack for comforts or material wealth, but they, in my experience, are not fulfilled by the things they thought would fulfill them.

David goes on to speak of God’s support and how pleasant his (David’s) heritage is to him. And I can agree. A heritage of parents who follow the LORD, however imperfectly, is wonderful. To live among a people who worship the LORD is something that I cannot comprehend, but it seems like it would be a delight.

David closes the psalm talking about the LORD counseling him and instructing him. The last thought being that fellowship with God is the most pleasant and fulfilling way to live. While I cannot say that I walk continually in the awareness of God’s presence or that I am always as close to Him as I ought to be, I can say that I have experienced the peace and joy that He promises when I have drawn near to Him. I have been able to sense His guidance when I was still. The problem I run into is that I am so seldom still. I live in a time when every facet of life seems to conspire together to take away stillness. Between TV, radio, movies, the internet, and “smart” devices all vying for my attention, I have hardly any time without a distraction. As I wrote that, I was pleasantly surprised to note that people were not included on the list. I sometimes feel like people distract me from the moment; from the task at hand. But people are, if I actually believe my Bible, what God is all about. He loves people; loves us so much that He was willing to take on human flesh, live a perfect life, and die the death that we all deserve so that we could accept His work as the only way to Heaven and live with Him forever.

I agree with David that [the] lines have fallen to me in pleasant places. The inheritance that God has prepared for me is delight. Or, as C.S. Lewis wrote, “joy is the serious business of Heaven.”

Father, thank You that what You desire to give me is all of Yourself. Thank You for desiring better for me than I could have wanted without You intervening on my behalf. Please work in me that I might lay hold of that for which You laid hold of me. Please stir up desire in me to have more of You until I have all of You, that You might have all of me.


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