SOAP – 29 April 2019 (Psalm 21)

For the king trusts in the LORD,
And through the lovingkindness of the Most High he will not be shaken.

Psalm 21:7

I have read and re-read this psalm and was not until this weekend that the final piece in my thinking fall into place.

The first time I read through this psalm, I very clearly saw David writing about himself. He is the king from whom God has not withheld the request of his lips and whom God has met with blessings. David had seen God defeat those who made themselves His (God’s) enemies time and again. And the psalm made sense. But it felt like I was missing something.

A reading or three later, I could see that this psalm might also apply to Jesus. Jesus is the King Who received length of days forever and ever. All that this psalm says of David can be commuted to Jesus. And the psalm made sense. But that did not give me any application.

It was over the weekend that it occurred to me that the New Testament refers to believers as both priests and kings. And I looked at the psalm again, wondering if the things written could apply to me as a believer. I can be glad in God’s strength and rejoice in His salvation. And He has promised that He will give me my heart’s desire when my heart is right with Him. He has met me with blessings of good things and Jesus explicitly said that He came that I might have life in abundance. The only glory I really have is God’s salvation and God does want to make me most blessed and to give me joy in His presence.

Item by item, it can all be applied to the believer here and now. We are kings in God’s kingdom. This psalm is not only about David and Jesus, but about all of God’s kings.

And the application fell into place.

Let me be glad in God’s strength and rejoice in His salvation. When he gives me the strength to overcome some trial or temptation, I should be glad and rejoice in Him.

Let me receive from Him the blessings of good things and the abundant life He wants to give me.

Let me trust in Him and stand firm in His mercy ā€” which is how lovingkindness is sometimes translated.

And let me remember that God’s enemies will not stand. He will be victorious over them. There is no “if” to that, only “when.”

Father, thank You for the blessings You have already poured into my life. I have loving family, health, an occupation that You use to supply my family’s needs, food on the table, clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and the salvation You freely offered to me ā€” truly I am blessed with good things. Please give me the wisdom to not only know the things Your Word says, but to be able to live them out. Please teach me how to be glad in Your strength and rejoice in Your salvation by teaching me to walk in Your strength through the trials of life and seeing You deliver me through them. Please teach me how to stand firm in Your mercy, not allowing myself to remain under the condemnation that my enemy and my flesh would put me under, but rising after I fall to stand again in Your mercy. Thank You that these are all things I am able to do through Your salvation, Your strength, and Your power.

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