About the Writer

DC is a husband, father, and aspiring writer. He reads voraciously (when time allows) and enjoys reading The Bible, C.S. Lewis, urban fantasy, random informational writing (like The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood), and science-fiction. He is also known to draw, write music, and even do impressions (if the mood strikes him).

He lives with his wife and daughter in Southern California which is not far from paradise during a good winter and slightly outside the city limits of Hell during a bad summer.


About the Blog

Darke Thoughts is a gathering of my writings on various topics. Currently, I’m focusing on my SOAP Journal (daily devotional) and will include other tidbits as time and inclination permit. I intend to include more rants in the future, possibly some essays (like a rant, but more formal and thought-out), perhaps some poetry, and maybe even snippets of my fictional prose. If I’m inclined to draw or find some way to get my old sketches into the computer, then those may find their way here as well.

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