Shadow of Sin

my sin is the shadow that hounds every step
and only with light do i know that it’s there.
the brighter the light the more definitely seen
is the sin that affixes itself to and distorts me.
as with the shadow, so with my sin:
when dark is complete and i can’t see a thing,
then my shadow seems gone, but the faintest of light
reveals its persistence - puts me in mind
that with God is no shadow; with God is no sin,
but He is the Light and He is perfection.
when in the presence of such Light i stand
there will be no shadow cast by this man -
all my imperfection done away by the blood
transparent, perfect i’ll stand before my God
and His Light will be through me; in me and ‘round.
no shadows be cast on that holy ground.

- written 12 April 2012

In Flames: My King

I'm bound and standing here before
the flames of His refining
with ropes that dig into my wrists -
all my strength restraining.

there are others here beside
who cannot enter with me.
they do not stand, instead they shy
away from the intense heat.

but in those flames I see my King
inviting me to come
and find that fire cannot burn
when I'm wrapped in His arms.

hesitation mars my steps,
but I join Him in the furnace
and all my bonds I find no more -
the fires have consumed them.

such liberty I cannot know
while standing in the ties that bind,
but give myself to Him and learn
how flames can my constraints unwind.

oh, bring me to this place of flame -
the fires liberating -
to loose my bonds that I might walk
in the presence of my King.

consume the things that hold me back;
that tether feeble arms
and cauterize the wounds they've left;
burn away their harm.

- written 01 May 2012

i never knew

i never knew how little i knew
until i was faced with all that i don’t.

    i haven’t faced it all
                not yet
    but it waits
            seeks the opportune moment to strike
    it blindsides me

i feel i’ve learned something and all that i don’t presents itself
    looms large before me and dwarfs my meager knowledge in the shadow of my ignorance

- written 29 May 2014