Why call your blog “Darke Thoughts”?… and isn’t “Darke” spelled d-a-r-k?

Very astute, dear reader, dark is indeed spelled without the terminal “e” added to this blog’s title. I’m so glad we’ve had this conversation.

For those not incensed by a wee bit of sarcasm (and still reading), there is a reason. Before I get into why I did what I did, let me say first why I didn’t.

I did not call this blog “Darke Thoughts” because I am trying to be funny or clever or any such thing. If I want to be any of those, it must be in the blog entries themselves or it will be meaningless.

I did not call this blog “Darke Thoughts” because I want to make some kind of commentary on my Gothic sensibilities. There was a time when I would have honestly said I was a bit of a Goth. But I’ve not been Goth in years and I’m not certain I’ve ever been a Visigoth, so….

I did not call this blog “Darke Thoughts” for any racially-motivated reason. I’m a mix of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Italian, and (I’m told) Native American (Cherokee, to be precise). This means I hate myself (Irish-Scottish), but surrendered (French) and have decided to eat pasta (Italian) and build castles (Welsh) instead of fighting myself.

I did not call this blog “Darke Thoughts” … well, probably for any of the reasons people may be thinking.

My family name originates from Irish and means, roughly, “son of black” or “son of dark”. Add a letter and it may also mean “plain looking or downright ugly”. Since I’m a fan of the British and Canadian unnecessary vowel syndrome (the “u” in labour is superfluous, guys, but it could probably do with a “y”, e.g. laybor), I decided the include a terminal “e” to the “dark” that is part of my family name’s meaning.

As for the “Thoughts” portion of the blog title, this blog will consist entirely of my thoughts. Will others be called to consult? Or course. Will others be quoted? I hope so. There have been many things said far better than I will be able to say them, so I will quote when something I think has already been expressed by someone vastly more intelligent than I.

Will my thoughts actually be dark and brooding? Possibly. We all go there sometimes. Will all my thoughts be dark and brooding? I certainly hope not.

Welcome to Darke Thoughts. Please enjoy my sarcasm.


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