Amazed (Luke 9:43)

And they were all amazed at the greatness of God.

Luke 9:43

Have I been amazed at God’s greatness; God’s majesty recently?

The Bible tells me that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His greatness is undiminished. His majesty just as majestic as it ever was or will be. Does it still amaze me?

God has not stopped working in the world. While the crowd in this verse was amazed at God’s greatness after Jesus casts out a demon from a child, this does not mean that God is not still doing miraculous things. I know those who have experienced those miraculous doings. I have been the object of miraculous doings. Does it still amaze me?

Like all things, my amazement can become commonplace. I can come to expect God to do the unexpected; anticipate that God will do things that blow my mind. And in so doing inure my mind to the impossible things that are just another Wednesday for God. For Him, the amazing is commonplace. For me, it should remain amazing.

That my wife loves me, despite all my faults and flaws and shortcomings amazed me at the first. I need to regularly come back to the stark reality of how little I deserve her love in order to remain amazed by it. Likewise, I need to remember that God sees nothing as unanticipated — His omniscience prevents Him from being amazed or surprised — but His anticipation of a thing does not mean that I cannot be amazed at what He has done. In point of fact, I should be amazed at what He does. He does the impossible. How can I allow that to become my normal?

I need to forbid myself to become accustomed to God’s greatness. It must inspire my awe every time I encounter it. And I encounter His greatness anew every morning in the form of His mercies.

I need to permit myself the wonder; the childlike amazement at what God does. My daughter teaches me much and her gasp of delighted amazement when I do something of which she is simply not capable and the answering spark of joy in my heart at her wonder are a regular reminder that my amazement at God’s greatness is not only appropriate and acceptable but brings joy to the heart of my Father in Heaven.

Let me delight in my Lord’s greatness and in so doing delight His heart.