Unaware (Luke 8:53)

And they [began] laughing at Him, knowing that she had died.

Luke 8:53

How often do I find myself in a place similar to these people?

Jesus walks in and the corpse is plain to see; the evidence that nothing more can be done is obvious to everyone. The mourners have only begun their work because it is the time for them to do so. They were not mourning a short time before Jesus’ arrival, because the little girl was still alive. They — though they do not know it yet — will not be mourning in a few moments, because Jesus is about to remove the reason for mourning yet again.

Folks in the First Century were well acquainted with death. In point of fact, folks in some parts of the world today are well-acquainted with death. They see it too regularly to mistake it for anything else. But Jesus says something that boggles the mind. He tells them that the girl is not dead, but asleep.

Was He unaware? Had He somehow missed the painfully obvious reality that the girl was dead and her corpse lying right in front of Him?

I wonder how often I ask the same sort of questions — asking if God has somehow overlooked what is painfully obvious; thinking He is somehow unaware of what is going on. But He is well aware of what is going on. He knows far more than I do. He knows not only what is happening this moment — the moment in which the mourners are wailing and lamenting the loss — but what is happening in a few moments — the breathless joy of a child restored to her parents.

The truth is that I am the one who in unaware. I am unaware of what God is trying to accomplish through those moments of suffering. I forget that He promises that joy comes in the morning and that all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. I am unaware of the larger picture; the great things He is trying to do and the mightiness that He wants to display in my life.

Father God, please make me aware of how unaware I really am. Please, teach me to trust in Your awareness and Your plan.