The Art of Spiritual War

I wanted to cobble together a few entries that examined what the believer might be able to learn about spiritual warfare from Sun Tzu’s classic. What follows are my attempts to do so.

“Completed” Entries

These entries are not entries that I plan to revise in the near future. They are “complete” enough for me to let them alone for the moment.

  1. The Importance of the Art
  2. The Basis of Spiritual Warfare: Deception
  3. Essentials for Victory

“Draft” Entries

These entries are up for revision in the “near future” (read: when I get to the place where I think they belong in the organizational scheme I’m working with). When they’ve been revised, they will be moved to their proper place in the structure above.

  1. The Art of Spiritual War, Part One: Beyond Defeat
  2. The Art of Spiritual Warfare, Part Two: The Business of the General

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